If you’re going to build a career that’s rewarding in every way, you’re going to want to choose the university that helps you take your career to the next level – before you even graduate.

When Arizona grads take advantage of our Student Engagement and Career Development services, they earn around $7,500 more in their first jobs than the average college graduate. Oh, and these services are free. Seriously.

By applying to Arizona, you’ll be able to invent and shape a career path that’s all yours, just like other Wildcats around the world.

Wildcats who take advantage of our Student Engagement and Career Development services are more likely than their peers to:
  • Have a job waiting for them when they graduate
  • Earn a spot in grad school
  • Work in their field of interest
  • Arizona has helped me prepare for my career. At my current job, I’m able to apply the skills and knowledge that I’ve learned to the real world. On top of that, I’ve met great colleagues. It’s definitely been worth it.
  • I have met so many people, done so many things. I would never have these opportunities if I didn’t come to the U of A.
  • I have been able to learn from amazing professors in a collaborative and challenging setting.
  • I’ve worked in a lab for about three years now and I’ve had an amazing opportunity to contribute to an international project.
  • The UA feels like home. The environment is so welcoming and friendly.
  • Beautiful campus. Great professors.
  • The UA has the best campus and really friendly people.


The University of Arizona is a place where you’re free to be yourself and write your own rules. Maybe it’s our gorgeous campus, maybe it’s the sunshine but there’s a spirit to our student body that’s undeniable. Something about this place just makes you want to smile.

By applying to Arizona, you’ll become part of a worldwide community of Wildcats and make lifelong connections that last far beyond your time on campus.

  • I love the fact that it is a big university with a small feel. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and the sense of community makes the experience more inclusive.
  • The UA has amazing programs, the campus is convenient and beautiful, and there is a place for everyone here.
  • Great academics, beautiful campus, really easy to get involved.
  • Great research programs.
  • I love how much help the teachers provide.
  • The UA is a great place to explore. The people you meet are amazing and there’s always something exciting going on.


Tucson is sunny and laid-back with a vibe all its own and tons of fun things to do and explore. You can hang by the pool, go for a hike, shoot some hoops or grab some friends and take a taco tour of some of the best Mexican food in the country. 350 days of sunshine per year mean that you’ll have no problem getting out and about.

  • I love Tucson’s food and all the awesome spots to go hiking. But my favorite thing about Tucson is the community and how everyone supports the UA.
  • The academics are challenging, there are a lot of things to get involved in, and it’s a great school to meet new people!
  • If you want a school with tradition, pride, and excellence, UA is the place to go.
  • If you want an active college community, UA is for you.
  • Arizona just feels like home. The campus is beautiful.
  • I have developed a lot of connections with my professors.


Here, you’ll challenge yourself at an elite, global university with faculty who are experts in their fields but who care enough to help you reach your personal best.

With a 15:1 student-faculty ratio, you’ll make real connections with your professors and classmates. You’ll push yourself in a setting that will stretch your comfort zone while giving you the support you need to reach your personal goals.

  • At the UA, I really feel as if the professors, staff and administration care not only about the success of their students but about their mental health and well-being.
  • The thing I like most about Arizona are the clubs offered, the campus, Greek life, and cultural centers.
  • The thing I like most about Arizona is the chance to get involved in research early as an undergrad.
  • I love having the opportunities to expand my perspective of the world.
  • I love all the cultural centers on campus. There’s a place for everyone to go and feel at home.
  • Being a Wildcat means having a chance to be part of something bigger than myself. It opens doors in life.